Data protection

A) The validity of these General Terms and Conditions

A.1.) These terms and conditions apply between the client and the seller as operator (hereinafter: operator) in connection with the registration of the client as a user within the online shop operator (hereinafter:
A.2.) The customer is any person who is registered in the system
A.3.) These terms and conditions apply to all relationships between the operator and the customer in connection with the application of the system www. and in case of purchase of goods in the system www. supplement the general terms of contract manager.
A.4.) The client has the option to these General Terms and Conditions before registering printed or saved.

B) Personal consent of the parties

B.1.) By registering in the system www., specifically by clicking "I agree with the terms and conditions", the customer confirms that it was written before the registration properly informed about the scope and purpose of the processing of personal data by the customer shall make available to the operator at registration system www. and primarily consisting of, but not limited to:

-name and surname,
- Address,
- Residence
- Date of birth,
- place of birth,
- Sex,
- Personal identification number,
- E-mail address and
- Phone Number,

as well as those provided by the operator on the basis of these general terms and contractual terms and conditions obtained at the time when the customer is a registered user of the system www., which carries out transactions of purchase of goods operator and which examples relate primarily to the following circumstances both customers and the population to which the client belongs to:

- Frequency of purchase,
- Types of purchased goods,
- Trends in the extent and frequency of payments,
- The language used by the customer,
- The customer's location,
- A means of access to,
- The type and version of the browser, which party access to,
- Operating system, the customer uses,
- Resolution screen clients